C118NT (BRB)


C118NT (BRB)

Water Dispenser Filtration System

  • 1stage - Sediment Filter
  • 2stage - Pre Carbon Filter
  • 3stage - UF Membrane Filter
  • 4stage - Post Carbon Filter
C118NT Hot, Normal & Cold Table Top Water  Dispenser

Product Features:
Double secure prevents from overhead or dry-heat.(by sensor and thermostat) Double secure againts water overflow. Each hot and chilled water has its own individual tank. 
Water Tap: Three temperature water output
Color: White With Black

Product Specification:
Heating capacity : 5:/hour
Hot water temperature around (82C - 90C)
Hot water tap with safety device
Chilling capacity: 6L/hour, chilled water under 10 degree C.
Chilling system by compressor with R-134a refrigerant.
Capacity of each tank: Cold tank: 3.0Liters/ Hot tank: 1.4Liters
Dimension:315mm(width) x 350mm(depth) x 490mm (height)
Weight: 14kgs

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